Use TypoClock Builder and set your theme as your lockscreen!

Simple Controls:

Drag and place elements where you want them, how you want them. Scale, color, and pan away!

Customizable Icons:

Pick out of several weather icon sets to make your look unique. Build your theme how you want!

* Share Online:

Once you’re happy with your theme upload it to the cloud for others to use!

Full Font Customization:

Any text element can be completely customized. Change the font, color, glow, size and opacity.

Pending Changes 1.5.3

  • Updated UI
  • iCloud Sync bug fixed
  • Theme uploading now enabled! (With great power...)
  • Better Jailbreak detection
  • Image Cache Management
  • Other bug fixes

* Jailbreak is required for lockscreen manipulation.

* Online theme sharing has been added again. Please be responsible. Inappropriate themes will be deleted.

* GMTSync or LSSync will help facilitate any issues syncing. See my blog here.

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